I work with service-based entrepreneurs helping them grow and monetize their social media accounts by teaching them how to create content that promotes and sell their services with ease.



Making money online doesn’t have to be hard. Matter of fact, it’s easier than you think but it starts and ends with sending a clear brand message to the right target audience on the right social media platform.

What makes me so qualified?

I hate to brag but since you asked…

I have 8+ years of marketing experience in radio, digital, print and public relations combined. I am a published writer and you can find my articles in the Florida Times-Union.

I’ve sold hundreds of dollars’ worth of digital products last year alone!

I am the lead social media specialist and Founder of YC Creative Enterprise, a digital media agency that helps brands and small businesses grow their online exposure through social media management, coaching and consulting.


Client Testimonial

“Please schedule a meeting with Yazzmine concerning your social media strategies. She really provided me with excellent knowledge.”