As a boutique PR agency, we promise to find the positive messages within your organization and translate them into positive stories to gain the trust of the people. Let’s work together to showcase your brand in the most positive light possible!


Services We Offer


We assist with the development of your brand from the ground up ensuring your brand image is cohesive across all marketing channels or we will rebrand your company for ultimate success.



We assist with creating your marketing message and distributing that message to your ideal audience to make the biggest impact!

Public Relations

We assist with increasing the visibility of your brand on major media outlets, ensuring you are no longer the nation’s best-kept secret.



We teach you the steps to developing a built-to-impact marketing strategy for your brand utilizing the best forms of media that will connect with your audience.

“Our job as your PR agency is to help you go from unknown to known across the nation.” - Yazz Colbert, Founder & CEO

Brands We Have Worked With

Are you launching a new product? Hosting an event? Need a visibility strategy for your brand or non-profit?

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Client Testimonial

“Please schedule a meeting with Yazzmine concerning your social media strategies. She really provided me with excellent knowledge.”