Yazzmine (Yazz) Colbert is a media maven and the principal publicist at YC Creative Enterprise. She has an entertaining approach to helping her clients gain media coverage but she’s the best in the business of building relationships. Yazz is well known for her bubbly personality, dynamic writing skills and undeniable creativity.

Yazz fell into her passion after experiencing a long drawn out battle of chasing one passion at a time. After many failures and a few signs from God, Yazz finally became laser-focused on pursuing her dream of becoming an entertainment publicist. Thus, the expansion of YC Creative Enterprise from a social media agency to a public relations and marketing agency.

“I’m on a mission to help the nation’s best-kept secrets go from unseen to noticed!” - Yazz Colbert, Founder and CEO

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Yazz is available as a keynote, expert panelist or workshop facilitator for events. Specialty topics are:

  • How to Gain Media Coverage at a Low-Cost

  • How to Network like a Boss

  • Mastering Instagram, Monetizing Your Impact

  • How to Build a Community of Buyers Around Your Brand

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